Thursday, December 31, 2015

Planning to Cultivate!

It’s New Year’s Eve and for the first time in about twenty years I have no plans, no people at my house, no kids wanting goodies and playing games, no friends ringing in the New Year. It’s just me, my hubby, my girl and the pup. And I’m ok with that.
 My "pup" Darby. 

Christmas was a whirlwind and very fun. My kids were here. My mom. Both my brothers, my sister in law and both nieces. My nephew was the only one absent. It was one of the best Christmas we’d had in a long time.
The time since has been filled with reflective thoughts, lots of cleaning, more cooking, and plans for the upcoming year. It is nice to justbe.
As I sit and watch the Orange bowl (Go Oklahoma) (you don’t know how hard it is to type that, because orange is my colorbut they are an Oklahoma team) I find myself planning for the New Year and next few months. I can’t help myselfI am a planner.
I have decided that this year since my OLW is Cultivate. I will deem myself a cultivator of thoughts and ideas, not just a planner. So tonight I am cultivating what I want to accomplish in the next few monthsthis year.
First I want to learn something new. Not just something, something that I can profit from to save for a trip to my oldest brother’s house next year for Christmas. The daughter and I got a new Cricut for Christmas from grandma, so I’m hoping to learn how to use it. I’d really like to learn how to make blog designs. I’ve got the girl working on it tonight and together I think we can come up with some cuteness.
Next I want to travel. I have not been outside of Oklahoma in a few years, so I feel this is the year.
I want to do some “fixing upping” on the house. Do you watch that show? Fixer Upper? It is my new obsession and at the top of my list to where I want to travel this summer. Lucky for me it’s only about eight hours away.
Last I want to cultivate new habits and relationships. But that’s a whole ‘nother post!
What about you? Do you have anything planned for this year?  
Happy Cultivating!


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